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Please complete our registration form to gain FREE access to our human trafficking student curriculum. (If you are trying to register to access our abuse and trafficking school personnel training, please complete the Protect Our Students Registration form.

****NC school employees DO NOT need to register if your school/district is using our curriculum on a school or county-wide basis. (An administrator at your school/district has already registered for you.) Please contact your school/district for the password.****

Check all that apply: *
Which materials will you most likely use? (Check all that apply.) *
What grade level/age will the curriculum be used with? (Check all that apply.) *
What is your anticipated format for teaching? *
How do you anticipate using the curriculum? (Check all that apply.) *
How much time will be dedicated to teaching a specific audience? *
Will your facilitator(s) use our free online training module? *  
​Are you interested in completing a pre-teaching and post-teaching survey? (Gift cards to national retailers are available to facilitators who participate, while supplies last.)*
Are you interested in participating in a simple study in which completed student pretests and posttests are provided to us? (Gift cards to national retailers are available to facilitators who participate, while supplies last.)*

Curriculum access is generally granted to individuals, schools, home schools and organizations who work with youth and are interested in using the materials.


You will receive an email, typically within one to three business days, from with a password to access the curriculum. However, we may need to contact you with additional questions. If your interest in accessing the curriculum is different than its intended purpose or is not clear, we may choose not to give you access.


By submitting this form, you agree to comply with copyright restrictions, and you understand that we may contact you regarding use of the curriculum.

"Having the support of this curriculum will give teachers the tools they need to create a safe learning environment and provide information in a way that is both sensitive and supportive.”

Anita Faulkner, LPCS
Clinical Director
Family Solutions, PLLC


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