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FreewayNC is a video-based human trafficking curriculum series. It was designed for use in health and safety classes, but it is well suited for a variety of educational settings and youth programs. The curriculum is available at no cost to schools and organizations that work with youth. It provides critical awareness and prevention education. Videos and activities are designed to engage students in personal ownership and application.

Please view samples before registering.

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Sample Videos and Materials

Sample Videos and Materials

Incredible You

Super Hero Theme

Suggested use: Middle School Level 1

(NC teachers: 7th grade)

Extraordinary You

Special Agent Theme

Suggested use: Middle School Level 2

(NC teachers: 8th grade)

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Empower You

Abolitionist Theme

Suggested use: High School Level 3

(NC teachers: 9th grade)  

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Frequently Aske Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use the curriculum?

No. The FreewayNC online curriculum is free and available to teachers, schools, home schools, non-profits and organizations that work with youth. You must complete a registration form and be approved in order to receive a password to access the full online curriculum. Free printed teacher guides are available to NC schools. Occasionally, we provide printed teacher guides free to other NC organizations. Printed teacher guides can also be purchased at cost by registered users who do not qualify for free books. Please complete the registration form, we will let you know if we can make free printed copies available to you.

Is the curriculum appropriate for use outside of NC?

Yes. Although the curriculum was designed for use in NC, it is suitable for use anywhere in the US. The content presented to students, including videos and activity sheets, is not state specific.


How do I decide which level of the curriculum to use?

Depending on the needs of your school or organization, you may choose to use one, two or all three levels. Pick the level(s) best for your audience. We suggest that NC public school teachers follow the grade-level guidance above to ensure that DPI objectives are taught as designated by the NCDPI.


Do I have to use all three levels of the curriculum?

No. Each level in the series contains the same core safety content, which allows you to choose the level(s) best for your organization and audience.

How many videos are included?

Each level in the series contains six videos. The videos are approximately four to six minutes long. Total viewing time for each level is 30 to 35 minutes. 


How much time will it take to teach the curriculum?

Each level contains three 45 to 50-minute lessons. The teacher guides also include options to modify the curriculum to be taught in one or two 50-minute lessons.

What is included in a lesson?

In general, each lesson includes two short videos, two activity sheets and scripted dialog for the teacher.

How do I access the videos and teacher guides?

You must register to use the curriculum and receive an emailed password before you can access it on our website. Once you submit your online registration form, we will review it and contact you by email, typically within 1-3 business days. We may send you the password at that time or we may contact you with additional questions. If your interest in accessing the curriculum is different than the intended purpose, we may not allow you access. 

Are printed versions of the teacher guide available?

Free printed teacher guides are available to NC schools. Occasionally, we provide printed teacher guides free to other NC organizations. Printed teacher guides can also be purchased at cost by registered users who do not qualify for free books. Please complete the registration form, we will let you know if we can make free printed copies available to you.

Is there a training for teachers/facilitators?

Yes, a free online training module is available to registered users. It takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. Additional, helpful resources are also available. Free, in-person trainings are available to NC school districts based on availability.

Curiculum Features

Curriculum Features 

Teacher-Friendly Lessons

The curriculum is designed with teachers in mind. Animated student videos accurately present critical content, while scripted dialog guides teachers as they reinforce video materials. Activity sheets further reinforce video content and include flexible options to meet the needs of different teaching and learning styles. Guidance is provided for modifying the lessons to meet individual teaching schedules.

Research-Based, Expert-Approved Materials
The FreewayNC curriculum was developed using research-based data on human trafficking. The curriculum has been reviewed and approved by experts in the field of human trafficking, education, law enforcement, psychology, counseling and law to ensure that our content is thorough, accurate and age-appropriate. A pilot study indicate the curriculum’s effectiveness and aided in further development of the materials.

Trauma-Informed Approach
FreewayNC is designed to be sensitive to students who have experienced trauma. The curriculum incorporates a trauma-informed approach. This means it includes information, guidance and scripted dialog for the teacher that is consistent with teaching from a trauma-informed approach.

Safety-Focused Materials
Human trafficking data and common-sense guidance have been incorporated to provide students with helpful information for protection from trafficking as well as other forms of exploitation. Repetition is used within and between levels to reinforce critical safety content.


Curriculum Research

AbolitionNC is committed to an ongoing process of research-based evaluation and development of the FreewayNC curriculum.

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews

 “As the National Outreach Manager for SHARED HOPE INTERNATIONAL, I have reviewed these EXCELLENT SCHOOL MATERIALS [Incredible You] and would recommend them for classroom discussion and awareness on the dangers of traffickers.”  
-Jo Lembo, National Outreach Manager, Shared Hope International (SHI is a leader in the national and international fight against sex trafficking.)

“As an educator of over 35 years who has trained principals and teachers in school districts across NC, I can without reservation recommend this curriculum. It is ENGAGING, STANDARDS-BASED AND DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE.”

- Sandy Sikes, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Educational Consultant, Executive Coach

“I am impressed with the curriculum developed by AbolitionNC. Its ability to empower educators in SHAPING AWARENESS FOR OUR NEXT GENERATION is to be applauded. Keep up the good work!"  

-Major Richard Hoffman, A NC leader in anti-trafficking law enforcement

“I’m often asked WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO PREVENT ME FROM FALLING FOR MY TRAFFICKER'S LIE. Every  single answer I can come up with is rooted in AbolitionNC’s curriculum. Our children deserve to be protected, and THIS CURRICULUM IS THE PERFECT CATALYST TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL.”

–Anna Ptak, Survivor, International Policy



-Jennifer Sommer, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist


-The MacInitiative (Committed to combating trafficking in SC through awareness and action.)

“The curriculum eloquently delivers important information about human trafficking in an age-appropriate way.  These VIDEOS ARE POWERFULL.”

-Ashly Gottschalk, D.O.

“AbolitionNC’s FreewayNC curriculum brings the tough subject of human trafficking to youth in a THOUGHTFUL AND ENGAGING way and provides SUPPORTIVE RESOURCES TO TEACHERS, COUNSELORS, AND PARENTS….”  

- Rachel Parker, Anti-Human Trafficking Program Manager, World Relief Triad,

"As someone who has personally worked with hundreds of sex trafficked youth, I am THRILLED this curriculum exists. OUTSTANDING!"

- Emily Fitchpatrick, Anti-Trafficking Advocate & Nonprofit Consultant 

“This curriculum is a VALUABLE TRAUMA-INFORMED RESOURCE that gives teachers the tools they need to create a safe learning environment and provide information in a way that is both SENSITIVE AND SUPPORTIVE.”

- Anita Faulkner, MS, LPCS, Owner and Clinical Supervisor, Family Solutions PLLC

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