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Protect Our Students: CSA & Trafficking NC Educator Training

What to do when a section doesn't show as complete.

If the Introduction or Resources & Conclusion sections are not showing as complete, it is likely that you missed the pages after the survey.

  • From your SafeSchools dashboard, click CONTINUE to re-open the section you are viewing (either the Introduction OR Resources & Conclusion section).

  • You will be returned to the survey page. DO NOT COMPLETE THE SURVEY AGAIN. Do not click on a region. WAIT on this page until the audio is complete.

Survey Page.png
Survey page2.jpg
  • When the audio is complete, then the NEXT > button will appear.

  • Click NEXT > to continue to the following page. In the Introduction section, the next page is called called Table of Contents. In the Resources & Conclusion section, the next page is called Course Completion Credit. Continue through the section pages. 

Next Page2.jpg
  • When you reach the final page, called Section Complete, click NEXT > ....

... then click FINISH.

Sect Complete.jpg
SafeSchools Finish.png

If you have additional questions, please contact 

 336-298-1544 or

Close this tab to return to SafeSchools site.

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